Virtual Reservoir is the world's first energy storage system to integrate a lithium ion battery bank into a run-of-river hydroelectric plant.

The initiative operates is part of the Cordillera Complex in the commune of San José de Maipo, Metropolitan Region- Santiago - Chile, and is a great revolution because it stores the energy generated by the plant in the batteries during the hours of lower demand, to deliver 5 hours of energy to the electrical system in times of high demand.

Its particularities include the optimization of energy from hydroelectric plants, as well as the increase in the power of the generating plant.

In addition, the batteries provide great flexibility to the operation of the hydroelectric plant, for which Virtual Resevoir is in a position to provide complementary services such as frequency regulation and voltage control.

Why we build it

AES Chile works every day to accelerate the energy transition in Chile and with Virtual Reservoir reaffirms its commitment to accelerate a safer and more sustainable energy future. Innovation is part of the DNA of the company, which has always been characterized by being a pioneer in the adoption and implementation of technologies, and this reservoir of energy and not water, is an example.

It’s contribution would be

Virtual Reservoir will strengthen the Chilean electrical system by allowing energy to be stored to supply it at times of greatest demand, in addition to shifting diesel consumption during peak hours, reducing operating costs of the electrical system, and allowing greater penetration of renewable energy into the system