Andes Solar II B will be the most efficient solar park in the world. Located in the Antofagasta region, it will provide 180 MW, including 10 MW with Maverick 5B pre-assembled panel technology and will have an integrated battery system that will provide 112 MW.

The initiative will be the first solar park in Chile integrated into a lithium battery bank for energy storage, which will allow to inject solar energy into the system at night.

The 112 MW of batteries that, together with Fluence, will be part of this project, make it the largest battery storage system in Latin America, capable of supplying power to the grid for 5 hours.

The 10 MW that will be built using the new and revolutionary Maverick technology, from the company 5B, use modular and prefabricated solar panels that allow their installation in a third of the time than normal panels, and using half the surface.

Andes Solar IIB located in the Atacama desert, recognized worldwide for its high radiation, where the low mountain temperatures increase the energy generation of photovoltaic panels, making them particularly efficient.

Why we build it

Andes Solar II B is part of a solar hub developed by AES Chile in the Antofagasta region. In the place, 101 MW are already installed in operation.

The initiative demonstrates the decisive advance of our Greentegra strategy, with which we seek to become the provider of energy solutions of choice for our clients, and which aims to accelerate the energy transition, and promote investments in renewable energy to contribute to the economic development of the country.

In what will it contribute

At the company we are convinced that the reactivation of the country must be sustainable; that is to say, it must address the environmental, the economic and the social.

AES Chile has planned to add 2,300MW of solar, wind, hydroelectric and battery energy by 2023, accompany its clients to meet their sustainability objectives, accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and competitive mining, create new energy solutions innovative, along with contributing to local economic development and continuing to deliver the reliable energy that the entire country needs.