"Choosing the right partner is essential to have aligned objectives." This is how, Google describes the historic hybrid energy contract signed in September 2019 with AES Chile, which stands out as the first of its kind that the technology company signs worldwide.

What is the agreement about?

To supply with renewable energy the first and only Google data center in Latin America, located in Santiago de Chile, specifically in the Quilicura district. It consists of a long-term supply contract that establishes the sale of 440 GWh per year of hybrid energy for 14 years.

Where does this hybrid energy come from?

The expansion of Andes Solar and the construction of the Los Olmos wind project in the Biobío Region are fundamental in this historic hybrid contract. It was this type of renewable energy that caught the attention of the technology company, in its quest to make its operations more sustainable.

“Specifically, the solar and wind agreement that we developed with AES Chile will help us achieve our ultimate goal of using carbon-free energy everywhere and every hour by 2030”, assured in Google.

AES Chile will continue to advance with its Greentegra transformational strategy, developing innovative solutions based on renewable resources to accelerate the future of energy and accompany its clients in their mission to meet their sustainability goals.