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    Awards & recognition

    Awards and recognition

    Our partners help us shine


    Recognizing our proudest moments throughout the years

    We’re proud of how we work together to be a leader in innovation, culture, ethics and strategy to accelerate the future of energy. Learn more about the bright spots we’re celebrating.



    • Avonni - electric companies category for Virtual Reservoir
    • Included in the DowJones Sustainability Index for Chile & Mila
    j.Giorgio premiación Avonni.jpg


    • Recognized by Great Place To Work as one of the best companies to work for in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. In case of Chile, we were ranked 10 of the best companies to work for in the category of organizations with more than a thousand employees.
    • Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index MILA (Latin American Integrated Market Index) and, for the fifth consecutive year, in the the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Chile (DJSI Chile).
    • Central Ventanas was highlighted in the safety category due to its management plans applied during 2018, which were intended to reduce the number of accidents, obtaining excellent results with zero accidents during 2018.
    • Guacolda Energía S.A. was recognized with safety award “Tucapel González García”, in category of up to 200 employees.
    • Alto Maipo awarded by IJGlobal, which recognizes the best transactions entered into in last year in infrastructure and energy industries. This time, the award was granted in the category of Latin American Refinancing Agreement for 2018.
    • Mutual de Seguridad recognized Alto Maipo for 5 years with no LTI for direct staff in the project.


    • In its 2018 edition, the Energy Globe Foundation of Austria recognized Alto Maipo Project for its contribution in terms of construction design and for the employability policy it has implemented since the beginning of its construction.
    • Highlighted in the 21st place of the Great Place To Work ranking.
    • Named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the country by GFK Adimark, the UAI's Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology (CIET), the UAI Business School and Best Place to Innovate.
    • For the fourth consecutive year, included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index.
    • Central Guacolda recognized with “Safety Excellence 2018” award, granted by Instituto Nacional de Seguridad (IST).


    • IST for 7 years with no LTI incidents for own employees and contractors in Ventanas.
    • Central Santa Lidia was granted with "Living Prevention 2017" Award, a recognition granted by IST South Zone (eighth and ninth region) to the company that demonstrates an outstanding commitment to prevention.
    • Social Responsibility Award ASIVA 2017.
    • Award granted by Best Place to Innovate ranking, granted to the 50 most innovative initiatives in Chile.
    • Included in the DowJones Sustainability Index for Chile & Mila
    • 10th place GPTW ranking


    • Received Carlos Vial Espantoso Award, a recognition that annually highlights companies that build participative labor relations, based on respect and transparency, positively impacting the company's sustainability and productivity, the integral development of its employees and the country's progress.
    • First place in energy sector innovation ranking prepared by ESER of the Universidad de los Andes.
    • AmCham's Good Corporate Citizen Award in Innovation Category.
    • Listed in tje Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index.
    • 4 awards granted by Asiva (Social Responsibility; Environment; Industrial Development and Alto Maipo).
    • Ventanas “Parque Puchuncaví” (Ash Deposit) was selected by LALI (Latin America Landscape Initiative) as a best practice in Latin American in sustainably rehabilitation of landscapes.
    • Ventanas Power Plant safety Committee was recognized with a Bronze distinction by the Mutual de Seguridad in Chile (Safety Organization) by its high standards in safety prevention.
    • AES Gener GPTW Chile 16th place.


    • AES Gener GPTW Chile 21th place.
    • We were included in Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index, the first and only energy generator in Chile to join this Index.
    • First place in Energy category in " Most Innovative Companies in Chile" ranking of the ESE of the Universidad de lo Andes, for the second consecutive year.
    • Asociación de Empresas de la V Región held its 62nd Annual Members Meeting, during which it granted the traditional awards in the Environmental category to AES Gener's Ventanas Power Plant, for the development of the microalgae project, an initiative carried out jointly with the company Clean Energy.


    • First place innovation ranking in energy sector of ESE of the Universidad de los Andes.


    • "Rosalino Fuentes Silva", awarded by Consejo Nacional de Seguridad, which recognized the company for its outstanding management in this area.
    • Project Finance distinguished AES Gener with the Latin American Developer of the Year award for the development of Alto Maipo and Cochrane projects during 2013.
    • “Environmental Improvement” ASIVA Award. The Company was recognized for the implementation of an innovative project that contributes to the environmental improvement of Puchuncaví industrial park, which is implemented jointly with Cemento Melón


    • AES Gener: EEI Edison Award (Angamos)
    • First place in 2012 innovation ranking for energy companies of ESE of the Universidad de los Andes.


    • 2011 PEX Award: Process Excellence Awards (London) for Central Los Vientos Alternative Electric Output Project, injecting its energy to Cerro Navia
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