Partnering with communities for the future

of energy


Our commitment

To strengthen positive impact through socioeconomic and environmental partnerships that improve lives today and in the future. 


2022 Social impact programs


People benefitted directly and indirectly in 2022

USD $1.612.560,23+

Social investment in 2022

Boys playing in tall grass

Strengthening positive impact through partnerships

We are all in need of more sustainable solutions to power our lives and our world. Strong partnerships allow us to work together to integrate innovative energy solutions, develop positive social impact programs, and create long-term value within the communities.

Focus areas


Working together with our partners, we custom-tailor social impact programs that respond to the needs of the communities, maximize resources, and deliver long-lasting benefits. Our social impact programs are aligned with our purpose of accelerating the future of energy, together, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and four focus areas that improve the quality of life in the communities.

Partnerships for Education and capacity building training


To contribute to the training of students of technical high schools, AES Gener opens each year the doors of its power plants to receive young students from the technical establishments of the communes where we are present, who must carry out their internships in their areas of expertise in a real industrial environment.

Job insertion training


We contribute to the economic development of the communities where we are present by providing the necessary tools so that our neighbors can access quality jobs through technical training.

Partnerships for the development of community-use infrastructure projects

Partnering for relief efforts


We work as a team with our people, contractors, clients, partners and communities to respond to natural disasters or catastrophes in communities. This includes making resources available, volunteering and supporting frontline workers and organizations before, during and after an event.