Project name:

Job insertion training

Sub-focus area:

Capacity building

The program aims to contribute to the economic development of the communes where we are present by providing the necessary tools to community members, so they can access quality jobs.

To increase the chances of early job insertion, the trainings performed must be associated with local economic activity. These trainings are carried out in conjunction with the National Training and Employment Service (Sence) and the Municipal Labour Information Offices (OMIL) of the municipalities where we operate.

While it varies by year, some of the trainings provided include: boosting my business, solar plant maintenance and assembly, management and administration of small and micro-businesses, Computing, projects formulation, operation of photovoltaic solar plants, among others.

This program is aimed at women and men of working age, belonging to 80% of the most vulnerable population in the communes, according to the socio-economic characterization of the Social Register of Households of the Ministry of Social Development.

This program is aligned with the Partnering for inclusive economic growth focus area of the AES Corporation.


+860 people trained in 68 courses and +11,000 hours


National Training and Employment Service (Sence) and Municipal Labour Information Offices (OMIL), Specialized Training Agencies (OTEC and OTIC)


4 - Quality education