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Scholarship Programs

Sub-focus area:

Capacity building

We fund various scholarship programs that allow students from the communities where we operate, to have greater opportunities for access to education.

Through the Preuniversity Scholarship we have been funding, since 2011 in partnership with the Municipality of Puchuncaví, students from the educational establishments Sargento Aldea de las Ventanas and General Velásquez de Puchuncaví so that they can carry out studies in preparation for the University Selection Test.

With the scholarship Movilízate con la beca we promote the continuity of higher education of young people in Puchuncaví supporting students with transportation to their schools. In AES Chile together with other neighboring companies in the commune of Puchuncaví since 2012 we provide financial support aimed at the transportation of students to the regional capital where the main higher education centers are located. This program represents a real support for families given the rural reality of much of the Puchuncaví commune and the long distances that students must travel to have access to public transportation,.

The Alto Maipo Scholarship aims to support access to higher education, through economic support to cover expenses associated with studies, such as: payment of tuition, materials, connection to internet, among others. The program benefits higher education students from San José de Maipo, that have good academic records and belong to vulnerable households according to characterization of the Social Register of Households of the Ministry of Social Development. For the past three years, support for outstanding athletes and artistic-cultural talents have also been benefited.

This program is aligned with the Partnering for inclusive economic growth focus area of the AES Corporation.


+2500 scholarships granted 


Municipality of Puchuncaví, Municipality of San José de Maipo


4 - Quality education