For Rengifo, implementing AES Chile's Social Investment Strategy is a tremendous challenge because it is not only a daily collaborative effort with communities, but also an opportunity to strengthen social fabric

Community Relationship Manager of AES Chile in Biobío, Benjamin Rengifo: We have impacted more than 11,000 people through social investment actions.

February 21, 2024

As the Community Relationship Manager of AES Chile in Biobío, Benjamin Rengifo, describes the Social Investment Strategy developed by AES Chile in the area as a powerful and robust effort with the communities. In the context of commemorating World Energy Day, Rengifo highlights the results of the main programs being executed, as well as underscores the local development that has occurred alongside the communities near the company's wind farms.

How do you connect World Energy Day with the community work that AES Chile carries out?

Energy is essential for the development of society and communities; it is vital for our daily activities. For me, it is a tremendous challenge to work in such a relevant area, especially when we work hand in hand with the communities immersed in the territory where AES Chile develops, constructs, and operates projects. We consider ourselves as neighbors, in daily contact with the communities. Through our Social Investment Strategy, we implement projects that drive local development, infusing energy into each action executed. This is particularly evident in rural areas that have experienced significant demographic growth post-pandemic.

What does this Social Investment Strategy entail? What is its objective?

It involves fostering the social and community aspect of the territory where the company operates, extending beyond the wind farms under development, construction, or operation. It entails contributing to the growth of three main pillars: education and training; local development and community infrastructure. This is materialized through the Social Investment Funds provided by the company or through training and education courses, which equip individuals with skills to pursue remunerative activities or better integrate into the job market. In this way, we accelerate the productive development chain, foster entrepreneurship, improve quality of life, and contribute to social mobility.

Who can access these funds?

Neighborhood or community organizations that submit projects aligned with the aforementioned pillars. For example, community enterprises, sports promotion, among others. Anyone interested in presenting a project within our areas of focus is always welcome and can approach their corresponding neighborhood association. Through collaborative work, we contribute to making dreams a reality.


During 2023, AES Chile has impacted over 11,000 people in the region through initiatives developed by organizations and community members, translating into an investment of nearly 180 million pesos. Rengifo values these programs because "it is not only a daily collaborative effort with communities, but also an opportunity to strengthen social fabric."

Which projects do you consider to have been particularly successful?

All projects have significant stories and backgrounds, but I want to highlight, as we commemorate World Energy Day, an ongoing initiative involving the installation of solar panels in homes. This is crucial as it will contribute to sustainable electricity usage, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and bring significant savings to people's wallets.

Another innovative project worth mentioning is the installation of solar pumps for water extraction, which allows communities to become independent of the electrical grid for water consumption, significantly improving their circumstances.

I cannot overlook the beekeeping promotion program, which has allowed us to strengthen an activity fundamental to the environment. We work with indigenous associations like Malven-Colhue in the Mulchén area. Additionally, with this community, we have already executed two versions of a Mapuche loom workshop, thereby preserving an ancestral tradition that becomes not only an economic progress initiative but also a tool for development.

What message would you give to the residents of Los Ángeles and Mulchén?

We all contribute to creating a more sustainable world through energy, ensuring that future generations live in a more hospitable world with greater awareness of caring for this vital resource for social development. I would add that they can count on us and that we are here to contribute as a fellow neighbor, working together for the development of the territory, reinforcing the bond through communication and mutual support. And, of course, I wish everyone a Happy Energy Day.

More details about AES Chile's campaign on Energy Day and its collaborative work with communities are available on the YouTube channel