Ten residents of Tocopilla undertake a course in Mining Equipment Operation for Small and Medium-Sized Mining.

AES Chile trains Tocopilla residents for Mining Equipment Operation.

February 13, 2024

Through its Foundation and as part of the "Employability Training" program, AES Chile carries out the Mining Equipment Operation course for Small and Medium-Sized Mining aimed at providing participants with new tools to increase their employability either as employees or in the entrepreneurship line of personal projects.

Paola Olivares, Director of the AES Chile Foundation, stated, "This program provides practical elements and knowledge so that participants can enter the workforce."

Olivares added, "On this occasion, 10 residents of Tocopilla are participating, of which 50% are women, which is essential for women's development and gender equality, especially in the mining sector where the participation of women still maintains low rates."

The core of this educational program focuses on preparing participants to carry out transportation, loading, and unloading operations of minerals both in underground mines and open pits.

Course participant Julissa Alfaro remarked, "I am grateful to the company for providing this opportunity for us and all the course participants, because it allows us to continue achieving work goals that I will be able to accomplish at some point."

It is worth noting that this training process is supported by the Municipality of Tocopilla, specifically through its Municipal Labor Intermediation Office (OMIL), which contributed by identifying the training demands expressed by the residents of the commune, thus ensuring a social investment aligned with their needs.

The training courses offered by the AES Chile Foundation are directly related to the company's social investment pillars, in this case, with the area of Education and Training.