Eight students from AIEP and Inacap were selected to participate in the initiative.

AES Chile carries out the second edition of the "Women with Energy" program for students in Los Ángeles

January 30, 2024

For the second consecutive year, the "Women with Energy" program, developed by AES Chile, took place at the Mesamávida Wind Park facilities located in the commune of Los Ángeles. This time, eight students from Inacap and AIEP were selected to take part in the program.

Among the students, there are those studying energy engineering, renewable energy technology, risk prevention engineering, and construction technology.

The initiative aims to foster the professional development of female talent in the energy industry. In this way, the company promotes breaking gender stereotypes and opening new career paths for women by 2030.

The goal of "Women with Energy" is to encourage women to be part of the energy sector, especially at AES Chile, which advocates for the participation of women in the industry. Carla Requena, Director of Human Resources, emphasizes that "thanks to this initiative, we have increased the number of women in the company by 16% and 25% in leadership positions within internal development."

Sofia Inostroza, a student of renewable energy at Inacap, mentions that the experience was pleasant and professionally enriching. "Thanks to AES, we learned in practice fundamental aspects of wind power operations, and that safety will always come first. The company presents a positive image for people who want to work with them."

Regarding the program, Rubén Barahona, Head of Operation and Maintenance at Mesamávida, states, "We are pleased and proud of their participation. It is important for them to complement the on-site experience with the theories provided by their institutions, and we are glad to contribute as a company to their training process."

The program includes 20 teaching hours and a guided tour, covering five areas: introduction to the company, introduction to safety in wind parks, introduction to the operation of wind parks, introduction to environmental aspects, and introduction to community management.

Macarena Badilla, Head of Social Investment at the AES Chile Foundation, emphasizes that "it is important to make visible in our communities the action plans we develop as a company, so that they are aware of the benefits and we can strengthen trust bonds. This allows us to continue working together, assessing the needs and shortcomings in the community and contributing to solutions."

"Women with Energy" is aimed at students in technical or professional careers who are 18 years or older, with an average grade above 5.0, and demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm.