Project name:

Business strengthening program

Sub-focus area:

Capacity Building

As part of the construction of the Alto Maipo Project, a public-private partnership was developed with the Florida Business Center SERCOTEC and AES with the aim of strengthening entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are local suppliers of the project. Direct beneficiaries are characterized by groups that develop an economic activity with local identity and sometimes respond to an inherited family bond, which consolidates a trajectory and meanings attributable to the achievements and reaches of people as family members.

The private public alliance has allowed participants to have personalized advice, which have allowed them to make results measurements, track their sales, boost employee hiring, diversify their businesses, among others.

Those suppliers who have managed to increase their businesses have support in business management, finance, record improvement, price calculations and digital marketing.

The sustainable business model promoted by the program, has allowed greater associativity and linkage in the territory.


110 local entrepreneurs


Alto Maipo Project and SERCOTEC(Florida Business Center)


8 - Decent work and economic growth